" A class enterprise " award

09 / 27 / 2016

November 10th morning, Henan Province Import and export " A class enterprise " award ceremony in the provincial entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau two buildings assembly room holds Feng Changcai of general manager of company, participated in the activity, and pleasure from province bureau leader took over the symbol of honor Badge.

In this classification evaluation, Henan Province, timber processing industry, only 2 companies were rated as" A class enterprise", in which the solid wood flooring processing enterprises only us YULIN.

Over the years, our company has always attached great importance to product quality and integrity of management, and constantly strengthen fundamental management job, strengthen the various indexes of the implementation, has won the Japan, the United States minister certificate NAWLA membership certificate, the people's Republic of China Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau exit cargo of wood packing material processing labeling applied qualification certificate, the Chinese people's Republic of China Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau exit wood products production and business registration certificate and ISO9001: 2008 ( GB / T19001-2008 ) quality management system certification, in Henan province within established a timber processing export enterprises status.

Based on this, our company actively to the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the kind of matters, successfully passed their first trial, review, and ultimately won the " A class enterprise " title. This honor is the company all staff cooperate with absolute sincerity, make concerted efforts result, be not easily won.

To be rated as " A class enterprise" import and export enterprises, inspection and quarantine departments will press the 5%-15% proportional implement inspection, the focus on quality management and supervision of production process, ensuring the strict supervision of import and export commodities, but also accelerate the clearance rate, will give us the future import and export work great convenience.

As Feng Changcai manager for a kind of enterprise signs in entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in front of photo.