Yulin timber company all staff in the factory in Xingyang

09 / 27 / 2016

September 16, 2012,Yulin timber company all staff in the factory in Xingyang, to celebrate the ten anniversary celebration and company " two new store opening Xingyang factory rich colorful flower, green grass, " celebrate the ten anniversary of Yulin timber company " large arches, fill of harmonious atmosphere.

Zhengzhou goverment leaders and company manager attended the celebration ceremony Zhengzhou Yulin timber company general manager Feng Changcai delivered a speech: Review of the Yulin timber company opened ten years to obtain satisfactory result, and convinced of the community's support, the company will be in industry showed a advanced first-class enterprise Xingyang Municipal People's government deputy mayor Fang Benxuan,China Forest Industry Association Flooring Committee Secretary, national man-made board quality center director Lv Bin, Zhengzhou bank branch of the Xingyang manager Li Huaibin are have a speech.

At the end, distinguished guests and leaders to visit Yulin wood products experience Museum, and culoure show room. Then go to  Xingyang Large Hotel have collective lunch.

We believe that all employees of the company will be founded ten anniversary as an opportunity, further establish the brand development strategy, make persistent efforts, continue to do a good job of product development, To the source of Yulin the brand strive to do business bigger, stronger!